Unit tests in D

bearophile bearophileHUGS at lycos.com
Fri May 7 05:18:24 PDT 2010

Michel Fortin:

Sorry for the delay in my answer, Michel.

> 1. to print a list of all the tests as they run
> 2. to print a list of the tests that fails

For an IDE to find such lists in an easy way it's useful the point 4, to have those names in the JSON.

> Here's a way to do it with the current syntax:
>        unittest {
>                 scope (failure) writeln("Calculate pi using method X: FAIL");

I didn't know/remember about this, it's nice.

> Whether we want to output a line for every test, I'm not sure.

I like a list of all unittests in the JSON, but I don't need an output line for every test.

But I don't need dmd to print this, it can be left to the IDE.

>On the other hand, it's useful, especially when a test hangs, takes too long, or crashes the program, to be able to see the list of all the tests as they run.<

Some unit tests systems use a short output syntax, dmd can print the same:

Done 14 unit tests in 1.25 seconds, 2 failed.

>         unittest "Calculate pi using method x" {

I prefer this syntax (from my original post I have removed the useles parenthesys around the unittest name):

/// Calculate pi using method x
unittest pi_with_x {

> I'd suggest that the runtime print the name of a test when it fails:

This was point 3 in my original list. Using the suggestions by Lutger ('' symbols added):

test.d(6): unittest 'pi_with_x' failed.

> If the environment variable D_VERBOSE_UNITTEST

I prefer normal compiler switches.

Now I have received enough answers and I can write a bug report or DEP. The good thing is that all this doesn't require hard or big changes to dmd, just small changes.

Bye and thank you,

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