Apple disallows D-Sources

Walter Bright newshound1 at
Fri May 7 10:36:00 PDT 2010

Michel Fortin wrote:
> Most languages comes with a runtime. They just have to do some pattern 
> matching looking for the runtime. Of course if you do things in secret 
> with your own secret runtime and don't talk publicly about it, they may 
> never find out. They may also enforce this selectively against things 
> they don't want (such as Flash), but this adds a high level of 
> uncertainty (as if there wasn't already enough).

The uncertainty and selective enforcement is a huge problem. This would dissuade 
any company from spending a lot of $$$ developing an app that didn't conform to 
the TOS. They wouldn't want to arbitrarily risk those $$$.

I think Apple may have overreached with this one.

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