Apple disallows D-Sources

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I came across that the other day, and frankly, I wasn't the least bit 
surprised. Apple has always been a company that makes MS look like the FSF, 
and the iPhone has already been proof of that from day one. It's just that 
most people don't notice what kind of company Apple is because Apple users 
generally make up only a small (but irritatingly vocal) minority of people, 
and it's mostly just the religious Apple zealots who use Apple stuff (and 
they're certainly not going to notice Apple's problems), plus most people 
these days are consumer whores anyway.

Anyway, that's why I've never even been willing to consider developing 
anything for the iPhone. Can't say I feel bad for developers that get hurt 
by this, either. If they can't see Apple for what they are, or just don't 
care, then of course they're going to get bitten. Fact of life.

More iFascism:


Not so much iFascism as iIneptitude:

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