Can D be cute? (Qt)

Justin Johansson no at
Sat May 8 04:19:30 PDT 2010

Guillaume B. wrote:
> Justin Johansson wrote:
>> May I ask if others on this NG are across Qt and D might be capable of
>> slotting into some of this market for cross-platform GUI development.
>  That would be QtD:
>  Guillaume

Hey thanks for the quick reply, Guillaume.

I understand from the project brief though that QtD is a "binding" to Qt.

"QtD is a D binding to the Qt application and UI framework."

Whilst QtD looks like a cool project, my question was really about 
whether D could achieve the same sorts of things that Qt does with its 
meta-object compiler.

In other words, and calling a spade a spade, Qt is a "hack" to make C++ 
more pleasant for GUI.  Would it be possible for D to achieve natively 
the same sorts that Qt does via preprocessing to C++.


Justin Johansson

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