Spellechecker - is this really fun?

d user wont at tell.you
Sat May 8 07:47:04 PDT 2010

Eldar Insafutdinov Wrote:

> I've just downloaded the latest dmd2, and it hangs. I believe that's due to recently introduced spell-checker. There are many design problems in D and countless bugs in the compiler. Why even bother spending time on this particular feature? Not only its usefulness is dubious, but it causes more harm than it's worth. Which position is it on the priority list(if there is such a list) and why?

This also puzzles me - not mildly, I'm more thinking like wtf is that guy doing there - D should be in feature freeze mode now for fucking sake. The project management is utter crap. There should be a plan like:

1. design new D2 features
2. specification freeze
3. design new DMD2 features
3. compiler feature freeze
4. release candidates
5. final release

At this point we should be in stage 3 or 4. The book is coming soon. I really do expect some quality work now.

What we have now is a total chaos. New features are added every now and then. This is frustating, I won't tolerate this kind of poor management in a community full of professional enterprise developers.

I takes something like 1 to 2 minutes to fill some of the missing parts of the specification. There are also tons of issues with a patch included in the bugzilla. It surely does not take much time to apply those. Maybe the strategy is to leave as much unspecified as possible to prevent the community from implementing competing compilers.

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