Can D be cute? (Qt)

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Sat May 8 16:30:56 PDT 2010

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> Sat, 08 May 2010 18:22:37 -0400, Nick Sabalausky wrote:
>> Now that I find really surprising. On Windows, Chrome is one of the
>> biggest offenders of "To hell with native look & feel!" that I've ever
>> seen.
> Chrome, on the other hand, has consistent look & feel across all
> platforms. I guess the style comes from their own google web os system.
> It doesn't look bad in my opinion, e.g. compared to Java and Swing.

I was mostly talking about the non-browser-window elements, such as the 
preferences and the about box or any other windows. I specifically 
ignored the browser window because I understand they include a lot of 
custom controls which doesn't necessarily represent Qt or Cocoa fairly.

Speaking of Chrome, I can tell the browser window is implemented with 
Cocoa, not just the other windows. But they managed to get a few things 
wrong too in their customization. For one thing, the close button of 
the window and the two others are a few pixels too low. Their tooltips 
are standard and host a descriptions, the only thing I'd say is wrong 
is the focus ring for the Omnibar. They've got 3 or 4 things misaligned 
scattered in a few places in the other windows, but it just reflects 
small human errors, not systemic problems. Heck, they even have a menu 
item "Reload this page" that changes to "Force reload this page" when 
you press the shift key when the menu is open. Easy with Cocoa, but now 
try to do that with a cross-platform toolkit!

I wonder, what is wrong with Chrome on Windows? I mean, what is wrong 
that is not by design but because of laziness or incompleteness?

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