Can D be cute? (Qt)

Nick B "nick_NOSPAM_.barbalich" at
Sat May 8 20:05:27 PDT 2010

Nick B wrote:
> Justin Johansson wrote:
>> A week or two ago I started a thread suggesting that JavaScript might 
>> be an interesting "VM" for D to target for web apps.  A thriving 
>> discussion ensured and it was a delight to read the opinions posted by 
>> many on this newsgroup.
>> The idea came out of a frustration I had with having to develop a 
>> rather complex application using browser-only technology, JavaScript 
>> being somewhat awkward to deal with the task at hand.  In the process 
>> of pondering the scalability of the programming task I looked to many 
>> different ways of circumventing programming plain old JavaScript and 
>> considered such things as Haxe, Cappuccino (Objective-J) and 
>> SproutCore.  Then it occurred to me everything I liked about D and had 
>> this fairy wish that D might be ideal for client side programming down 
>> to JS.
>> Since then, my client has gone completely off web apps for this 
>> particular Linux-embedded hand-held mobile device and has mandated 
>> that the apps will now be written as desktop apps in Qt.

> you might want to check out this. Its state of the art, but its for a 
> games environment.
> Nick

here is the short FAQ for Hybrid.

     * Q: Does Hybrid support arbitrarily-shaped widgets?
     * A: Any widgets in Hybrid may use a custom shape. As long as it 	 
   plays well with the layout and rendering system, it should be OK.

     * Q: Does Hybrid support wobbly windows?
     * A: It's on the TODO list.

     * Q: Can I create a layout handler that treats widgets as physical 
objects in a dynamics simulation?
     * A: Yes, although widget rotations are not currently supported.

     * Q: Is Hybrid some SDL GUI?
     * A: No, but it's possible to create a SDL backend.

     * Q: What platforms does it run on?
     * A: In theory, all OpenGL and D-capable platforms that support 
Xlib or WinApi with Unicode should run the OpenGL backend. It has been 
tested on Windows XP, Vista, a few Linux distributions and FreeBSD.

     * Q: What's with the corn? :)
     * A: Hybrid food. Logo maker's idea :P


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