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On Fri, 07 May 2010 22:36:22 -0400, Nick Sabalausky wrote:

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>> Walter Bright, el  7 de mayo a las 13:18 me escribiste:
>>> Johan Granberg wrote:
>>> >Walter Bright wrote:
>>> >
>>> >>Jacob Carlborg wrote:
>>> >>>Should it also contain something similar to rdmd?
>>> >>I kind of like the idea that it shouldn't install D packages, but
>>> >>rather
>>> >>cache them from the web repository. It would be convenient because:
>>> >>
>>> >>1. who actually cares about installing the packages
>>> >
>>> >If I was administering a server or multiuser system or linux
>>> >distribution I
>>> >would care, being able to install packages and libraries globaly for
>>> >all users easily can be important.
>>> The caching should handle that transparently.
>> Already done:
>> http://0install.net/
>> Too bad (or good?) nobody uses or know it.
> That looks absolutely awesome! My only little concern is that it's
> written in python, I had to use bazaar to do something one time and it
> was insanely slow.

The speed will depend on your computer, of course, but the overhead on my 
laptop of using it is around 0.07s (70 ms) to select the versions to use 
and check they're cached. If they're not cached, the network is the 
limiting factor, naturally. Using 0compile (which also sets up build 
directories and generates XML metadata about the build), it seems to add 
about 0.5s per build:


A more likely problem is portability, since Windows users might not want 
to have to install Python (although someone is writing a .NET version).

It should work well for D, as the Delight fork uses it (e.g. see the 
installation instructions at http://delight.sourceforge.net/install.html).
If anyone wants to discuss it, you're welcome on the mailing list:



Dr Thomas Leonard
(author of Zero Install and the Delight experimental fork of D)

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