Improving Compiler Error Messages

Jonathan M Davis jmdavisProg at
Tue May 11 21:27:48 PDT 2010

Walter Bright wrote:

> The next dmd update is getting the fruits of this.

Actually, at this point, the biggest improvement to dmd's error messages 
that I'd like to see is for it to stop complaining about phobos modules when 
I have compile errors. Ideally, the errors would point to the lines in my 
code which are using the phobos code incorrectly rather than complaining 
about the phobos code. This seems to happen most frequently with 
std.algorithm and std.range - at least, that's where I've seen them the 
most, but I use those two module heavily. Regardless however, it would be 
nice if it didn't happen at all.

- Jonathan M Davis

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