Building subprojects (Re: envy for "Writing Go Packages")

BCS none at
Thu May 13 10:31:34 PDT 2010

Hello Graham,

> (b) derives the list of files by including all *.d files, except those
> in directories named 'test' and except those which contain a
> main() function.

I'm thinking of how to make this work for the simple publication model of 
"Put it all out via HTTP/SVN/CVS/GIT/etc.". Anything that works for that 
should generalize well.

How about: Download files as needed to do imports from any local code but 
don't build them. Once you have copies of everything you need, build one 
lib per mapping rule that includes everything retrieved via that rule. At 
that point the name doesn't hardly matter at all. You can make it the FQN 
of the mapped package if you want it easy to interpret.

As for linker flags... pragams or header comments? or how about a default 
flags file at the root of the mapped source.

... <IXOYE><

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