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Simen kjaeraas wrote:
> div0 <div0 at> wrote:
>> Actually C# does have global variables;
>> any public static member of a class is a global variable.
> And here we are down to arguing semantics. Is a variable
> global if it does not pollute the global namespace?

Yes it is. Global means having a single address in the application's
static data segment and accessible to all functions & threads.

> I believe this to have been Alex's intention, and it is
> a fairly common definition of global variable.

It's a fairly common mistake.

> One could certainly argue otherwise, but I hardly see the
> value in such a discussion, be the truth this way or the
> other.

Importing symbols into your codes current scope is entirely
different from discussion of global vars. It doesn't need to be a
global variable to cause the same problems, it can be a class or a
function. The problem as stated is about name high jacking, which you
yourself have pointed out in one of your later posts.

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