Misc questions:- licensing, VC++ IDE compatible, GPGPU, LTCG, QT, SDL

Dan W twinbee42 at skytopia.com
Sun May 16 07:27:57 PDT 2010

Hi all, I'm toying around with the idea of porting my raytracer codebase to D.
But before committing, I have a few rookie questions:

1: What kind of license is the D compiler under? I'm thinking of shipping a
commercial, close sourced (for now) program with the D compiler (so that users
can compile within the GUI). Is this possible to do, or can I least pay for the

2: Is it possible to use D with the Visual C++ IDE? Preferably, I would like
the apprepriate compiler and D options listed in the options (in place of the
usual c/c++ options).

3: I need my program to be as fast as possible. The Visual C++ compiler has
features such as "link-time code generation" and "Profile guided optimization".
Does D have equivalents?

4: Does D play nicely with QT, SDL, Lua?

5: How about compatibility with GPGPU stuff like CUDA and OpenCL? Can I just as
easily write GPGPU programs which run as fast as I can with C/C++?

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