envy for "Writing Go Packages"

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Mon May 17 11:35:20 PDT 2010

"Sean Kelly" <sean at invisibleduck.org> wrote in message 
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> BCS <none at anon.com> wrote:
>> Hello BCS,
>> > Hello Walter,
>> > >> BCS wrote:
>> >> >>> My program imports lib A and B. Lib A imports lib C and asks
>> > > > > > for
>> >>> version "X". Lib B imports lib C and asks for version "!X". Who
>> >>> wins?
>> >>> >> Compilation error.
>> >> > Exactly. If there were a way for A to ask for X or Y and B to ask
>> > > > for
>> > Y or Z than the solution is easy: Y.
>> >
>> And to finish the thought; a system that only allows a program to ask
>> for a single version is worse than one that doesn't allow any or
>> allows many.
> How does . NET work?  I recall versioning being an integral part of the
> design.

IIRC, When MS said that, it turned out they were really just talking about 
things like "depricated" keyword and designing the OO polymorphism so that 
changing one thing won't accidentally break something else (ex: manditory 
"override" keyword when overriding a base class function). I found it 
confusing too that they referred to that as "versioning".

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