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Piotrek starpit at
Tue May 18 11:33:31 PDT 2010

W dniu 18.05.2010 06:50, Brad Roberts pisze:
> Would anyone be interested in taking on the task of looking at the existing
> samples and modernizing them?  Some should likely be junked as not terribly
> educational examples.  Likely more should be added to illustrate other best
> practices.
> They can be found here:
> Arguably they need to be versioned along with each branch of the language, so
> assume they'll be moved to:
> and
> I see no good reason to keep the 'd' part of the directory name, it's not like
> the dmd .zip files are going to suddenly start shipping other languages.
> See also:
> - Brad

Hi Brad,

I'm interested. Although I'm not so much experienced in D it would be 
great opportunity to stay in line with latest D 2.0 features.

I even have some mist ideas about architecture of the whole business .

(Keepin in mind that D should be a system and scripting language in one 
- the first one in computer history)

Every module from std should have its coresponding imports within 
samples (let say 2-5 at least). There should be comparable example in 
Ruby/Python, C++. (I would exclude C# since D is near this M$ creature 
but it's far from Windows and Dots slavery).

Comparison should be done int three dimensions.
- speed
- bytes of code
- memory usage

(yes, all this is like quasi shootout project).

(I would be nice for D to get all pole positions - however overall win 
is enough)

I would set-up a project on some git host (github) , automate all things 
and publish results.

It will take some time and as you can see a risk of failure is rather 
high. However I thought about contributing to D and you bring up a good 
idea. I will stay away from the official repository to not break anything.

I'm starting work right now (with existing examples) but don't expect 
too much from it.
If anyone has some a good argument for me to stop I'm listing.


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