Poll: Primary D version

Simen kjaeraas simen.kjaras at gmail.com
Thu May 20 16:57:54 PDT 2010

Nick Sabalausky <a at a.a> wrote:

> I've looked into this a little. I was able to download a chart of the  
> IPs,
> and the number of votes per IP. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be  
> any
> way to tell anything about the actual votes from a particular IP, which I
> suppose is good for privacy, but it prevents me from looking at an IP  
> with
> multiple votes and determining if all of the votes were suspiciously
> strongly favoring the one option.
> There are 105 IPs. The vast majority of the IPs only had one vote. There
> were five IPs that had two votes each, and one IP that had three votes.  
> I'm
> willing to assume those are just multiple people from the same ISP, and  
> even
> if not they're not particularly significant compared to the rest. But  
> then
> there was one IP with 72 votes. So, yea, that does seem suspicious. In  
> case
> anyone thinks they might have more insight, the IP in question is
>, and appears to be from Austrailia.

Looking at the statistics, if we assume all those 72 votes are for
'None - Not likely to use D anytime soon', we get these nice numbers:

D2                                       43 %
Both D1 and D2 fairly equally             3 %
D1 - Not likely to use D2 anytime soon   28 %
D1 - Likely to switch to D2 soon          6 %
D1 - Likely to do both D1 and D2 soon     5 %
None - Not likely to use D anytime soon   9 %
None - Likely to use D2 soon              6 %
None - Likely to use D1 soon              0 %
None - Likely to use both D1 and D2 soon  0 %

Honestly, I find this to seem more likely as a serious result.
That said, I do not expect 43% of programmers to be using D at the
moment. :P


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