64-bit support (Was: Poll: Primary D version)

dsimcha dsimcha at yahoo.com
Sat May 22 17:27:41 PDT 2010

== Quote from Walter Bright (newshound1 at digitalmars.com)'s article
> retard wrote:
> > Sorry for pulling out that, but I thought the claim "most apps" was a bit
> > overoptimistic. If D is The next gen language, it probably also should
> > solve the next generation of problems.
> FWIW, I fully agree with the notion that D needs to fully support 64 bit
> compilation.

Is that still the next priority after finishing D2?  Now that most of the more
annoying bugs in DMD and Phobos have been fixed, lack of 64-bit support has become
by far my number 1 complaint about D.  I do bioinformatics research in D and
overall I love it because it's about the only language that allows me to get
prototypes up and running quickly and yet still have them execute efficiently.  On
the other hand, we have compute nodes at my university with 100+ _gigabytes_ of
RAM that I can't use.

Even the lack of libraries in D doesn't bother me much because I can roll my own
and they end up having better APIs than would be possible in an older, cruftier,
less featureful language.  The only time I've ever seriously regretted using D as
my language of choice is when I'm working with huge datasets and want access to
all this memory and had to resort to kludges to cram my programs into the
artificial limits of 32-bit address space.

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