Installing D on MacOS X Leopard box

Nick Sabalausky a at a.a
Tue May 25 01:58:14 PDT 2010

"Duke Normandin" <dukeofperl at> wrote in message 
news:mailman.43.1274754397.24349.digitalmars-d at
> Hello list...
> I'm new to D, but not programming.

Welcome to D :)

> I've followed the instructions on
> However, I keep on getting this error:
> dnormandin@ ~/programming/dmd2/code
> 04:38 pm >> dmd -w firstApp.d
> object.d: Error: module object is in file 'object.d' which cannot be
> read
> import path[0] = /etc/../../src/phobos
> import path[1] = /etc/../../src/druntime/import
> My guess is that dmd.conf is hosed somehow. I haven't edited the
> default one - I've got it living in /etc/.
> -- 
> Duke

Looks like those instructions need to be fixed.

The file dmd.conf is expecting to live in the same directory as the DMD 
executable (ie, "{wherever you unzipped DMD}/osx/bin/" ). Deleting it out of 
/etc/ should work. Or, if you really wanted, you could edit it (it's a 
pretty simple text file) and change the paths to point to the right places 
(Just replace "%@P%" with ""{wherever you unzipped DMD}/osx/bin/")

BTW, these sorts of things are probably best asked over in 

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