64-bit support (Was: Poll: Primary D version)

retard re at tard.com.invalid
Tue May 25 04:13:04 PDT 2010

Mon, 24 May 2010 17:45:01 +0000, dsimcha wrote:

> == Quote from Leandro Lucarella (llucax at gmail.com)'s article
>> dsimcha, el 24 de mayo a las 13:05 me escribiste:
>> > == Quote from Bruno Medeiros (brunodomedeiros+spam at com.gmail)'s
>> > article
>> > > On 23/05/2010 01:45, Walter Bright wrote:
>> > > > Walter Bright wrote:
>> > > >
>> > > > Other toolchain problems are things like shared libraries,
>> > > > installation, bugzilla bugs, etc.
>> > > Installation? What kind of problems are those?
>> >
>> > On Linux, DMD can be a PITA to install if you're using an ancient
>> > distribution due to glibc being a different version than what DMD
>> > expects.  I use such a machine and the only way to get DMD to work is
>> > to compile from source.
>> BTW, distributing a huge .zip with the binaries for all platforms is
>> not ideal either. In Linux you have to make the binaries executables.
>> The only straighforward option for Linux is the .deb, but it's only
>> straightforward for Ubuntu 32-bits, anything else needs some
>> (non-trivial) work.
> If packaging nightmares like this don't explain why Linux hasn't
> succeeded on the desktop, then nothing will.

The files inside the .zip won't run because one particular Mr. Bright 
doesn't set the +x flag on. It's not a fault of Linux if he is using 
retarded Windows version of the zip packager. It's easy to fix, he just 
doesn't care. The zip works just fine even on a 64-bit system if the 32-
bit libraries have been installed.

The Microsoft installer stuff doesn't work well either. Try running 64-
bit installers on a 32-bit Windows system or the latest .NET 
expecting .msi files on Windows 95/98/ME or Windows NT4/2000.. now how 
does it handle package dependencies - the answer is it doesn't.

A 32-bit .deb works in most (if not all) 32-bit Debian derivatives unless 
the package is expecting some Ubuntu related configuration. Your solution 
seems to be: "because it's too complex to build packages for every 
distro, don't provide anything". Yay, nothing works.

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