Bug fix week

Don nospam at nospam.com
Thu May 27 14:21:21 PDT 2010

Stewart Gordon wrote:
> Don wrote:
> <snip>
>> The situation is a little more complex than bearophile thinks.
>> For the last six months or so, Walter has concentrated on making sure 
>> that all of the examples in TDPL will work correctly. This has 
>> involved implementing all of the new features. Most of the bugs which 
>> were fixed were submitted patches (though often Walter had to modify 
>> the patches).
>> Votes however are definitely not ignored.
>> If you search bugzilla, you'll find that there are 86 closed bugs 
>> which still have votes for them! Compared with 228 open bugs.
>> So the votes themeselves are far from up-to-date.
> What search, exactly, did you do to come up with those figures?
> I get:
> Votes: 1
> gives 257

> I'd be amazed if there's been that much change in the last hour.

Figured it out -- I did my search using Deskzilla. Although it updates 
its local database very frequently, it turns out that it doesn't update 
the votes very often at all. So I was using stale vote figures.

> Peculiarly, nothing with a WONTFIX resolution has any votes.

I think hardly anything has ever been closed with WONTFIX.

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