Memory Mapped File Access

Bane branimir.milosavljevic at
Fri May 28 04:06:04 PDT 2010

Robert Wrote:

> Hi, has anyone played around with D and memory mapped files on Windows / Linux?
> A friend of mine and I want to use D to develop a D native 
> database-system. Yes, sounds crazy and it will take long and we haven't 
> done a lot yet. So don't expect anything to look at soon :-)
> Thanks Robert.

MMapped files work just fine, I played/am playing with them.

I greet your idea to learn how to build database, its great way to spend time for people programming that stuff.

And you are right - trying to make operational database like this is crazy, crazy idea. It will require from you HUGE investment in time & learning to make it remotely reliable and usable. Here I talk about ACID compliance. If you are trying to build something that works *mostly* of the time and saves key -> value pairs in file then it is much simpler.

SQLite is a great project you could learn a lot from. It has tons of useful docs about making DB, its open source, its been around for 10 years and its probably better job then you could ever do.

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