std.container update

Jonathan M Davis jmdavisProg at
Fri May 28 05:09:51 PDT 2010

Simen kjaeraas wrote:
> I take it you don't work in simulation or games, then? Don't do much
> linear algebra?
> While I understand the reasoning for it, I dislike the name vector for
> arrays. A vector to me, is a geometric object with a length and magnitude,
> not a random collection of whatevers.

Vector is arguably a poor name because of that. However, it is, at this 
point, a very standard name for such a container. At minimum, both C++ and 
Java have a vector class, though the main one that you'd use in Java at this 
point would be ArrayList rather than Vector. So, if a better name can be 
found, that's great, but Vector is quite a standard name for the concept at 
this point, and I do think that it works better than Array. I also don't 
like the name ArrayList because I wouldn't really consider a vector to be a 
list, but that's another option. I'm not all that familiar with what other 
languages have used for such a class, but there are probably other pre-
existing options out there as well.

- Jonathan M Davis

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