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Leandro Lucarella llucax at
Fri May 28 06:17:20 PDT 2010

Jonathan M Davis, el 28 de mayo a las 04:58 me escribiste:
> > BTW, what would be the point of an array/vector when you have built-in
> > arrays? If built-in arrays would be syntax sugar for a real library type,
> > like AAs, I can see as a good option using Array for that type, since
> > built-in arrays and the library Array would be the same thing.
> The biggest difference is that a vector has capacity separate from its 
> size/length. You can efficiency insert elements at the end with a vector - 
> amortized constant time usually - but you can't do that with a built-in 
> array because it would have to reallocate every time. D's arrays are 
> fantastic, but they're still not quite good enough to outright replace a 
> vector type.

OK, I forgot that, I guess my brain choose to forget it to stop keeping
the flame alive, so I'll forget all about it again =P

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