Binary data-structure serialization

Robert robert.muench at
Sun May 30 05:28:40 PDT 2010

On 2010-05-30 12:38:10 +0200, Robert <robert.muench at> said:

> Hi, are there are any projectes / snippets / prototypes where someone 
> tried to serializa D run-time data-structures (like an associative 
> array) into a file?

Thinking further about this: How about a way to change the underlying 
memory manager from RAM to a MMF? If I could specify which memory 
allocator to use when creating a class, The class could be created in a 
MMF (which is mapped to main memory and hence there should be no 
difference in speed) and all references would go to the MMF as well.

With such a low-level switch persistent data-structures would be for 
free. The memory allocator could be optimized to yield minimal MMF.

Any comments?

Robert M. Münch

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