Caching in computing ranges (and contributing to Phobos)

bearophile bearophileHUGS at
Sat Oct 9 15:58:59 PDT 2010

Peter Alexander:

> I believe you have been accepted as a trusted commiter by some people 
> (Walter and Andrei?). Most people appear to earn trust by writing a high 
> quality library.

Right. While DMD is currently NOT managed as a true Open Source project (and this is very bad for the future and development of the D language, and will need to be eventually fixed if D wants a bit more success), Phobos2 is becoming open source enough, there are several good and gentle people working on Phobos2, Andrei is gentle and accepts the code he receives, etc. So Phobos2 may avoid the fate of Phobos1 (where the frustration of people unable to push patches upstream has lead to the creation of Tango). Becoming more Open Source (where people can patch the code written by others) can't guarantee a future to D, but the opposite is worse. Walter is now accepting more patches and suggestions from Don, so the situation is improving a bit regarding the compiler too, so I am happy and hopeful :-)


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