Looking for champion - std.lang.d.lex

Nick Sabalausky a at a.a
Fri Oct 22 13:42:16 PDT 2010

"Jacob Carlborg" <doob at me.com> wrote in message 
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> On 2010-10-22 17:37, BLS wrote:
>> Why not creating a DLL/so based Lexer/Parser based on the existing DMD
>> front end.? It could be always up to date. Necessary Steps. functional
>> wrappers around C++ classes, Implementing the visitor pattern (AST),
>> create std.lex and std.parse..
>> my 2 cents
>> On 22/10/2010 00:01, Walter Bright wrote:
>>> As we all know, tool support is important for D's success. Making tools
>>> easier to build will help with that.
>>> To that end, I think we need a lexer for the standard library -
>>> std.lang.d.lex. It would be helpful in writing color syntax highlighting
>>> filters, pretty printers, repl, doc generators, static analyzers, and
>>> even D compilers.
>>> It should:
>>> 1. support a range interface for its input, and a range interface for
>>> its output
>>> 2. optionally not generate lexical errors, but just try to recover and
>>> continue
>>> 3. optionally return comments and ddoc comments as tokens
>>> 4. the tokens should be a value type, not a reference type
>>> 5. generally follow along with the C++ one so that they can be
>>> maintained in tandem
>>> It can also serve as the basis for creating a javascript implementation
>>> that can be embedded into web pages for syntax highlighting, and
>>> eventually an std.lang.d.parse.
>>> Anyone want to own this?
> I think it would be better to create a lexer/parser in D and have it in 
> the standard library. Then one could begin the process of porting the DMD 
> frontend using this library. Then hopefully the DMD frontend will be 
> written in D and use this new library, being one code base and will always 
> be up to date.

*cough* DDMD

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