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Paulo Pinto pjmlp at
Thu Dec 1 15:54:34 PST 2011

Am 01.12.2011 12:59, schrieb Patrick Stewart:
>> I think one reason for the movement toward Java and JVM style languages is
>> that hardware is getting cheaper and cheaper, and developers cost the same
>> or more.  With a 'simpler to write' 'quicker to write' language like Java
>> (where you don't have to learn things like manual memory management) you
>> can more easily train programmers, and they will be cheaper also.  Then,
>> you can 'fix' any performance issues you have with better hardware, for
>> less than the cost of training/paying a C/C++ developer to re-develop it.
>> It makes business sense.
>> Regan
> Bingo. Give the man a cookie. Anyway, if there was no C/C++, in what language would we build compilers :) ?

In Ada, Modula-2, Modula-3, Oberon, Component Pascal, Pascal, Delphi, 
Bartok just as possible examples?

There were programming languages before C and C++ existed, and surely 
there will be other systems programming languages. D might be such sucessor.

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