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Fri Dec 2 11:24:48 PST 2011

Le 02/12/2011 19:30, Marco Leise a écrit :
> Am 02.12.2011, 18:54 Uhr, schrieb Somedude <lovelydear at>:
>> Le 01/12/2011 08:54, Kagamin a écrit :
>>> Jeff Nowakowski Wrote:
>>>>> You wouldn't want to use GC in performance critical code anyway, so
>>>>> it probably doesn't matter that its that slow.
>>>> Check the slides again. It has to run at 30-60 frames per second. This
>>>> is "soft" real-time.
>>> How does it work in Supreme Commander, for example (.net)?
>> If you want something that is comparable, you can have a look at the
>> code of the Spring RTS game engine.
>> I used to hack a little on it a long while ago.
> I could imagine it is most important for fast online games, like first
> person shooters or racing games. The GC stopping the application four a
> couple ms could mean your aim 'jumps over' your opponent or you drive
> into a wall.

I believe games like Supreme Commander or Spring RTS are very stressful
on the CPU. Actually more so than FPS games (but probably less on the
GPU). One has to manage the pathfinding, collisions, and simulate the
scripted behaviour of thousands of units and bullets in real time. Plus
the scripted IA.
Supreme Commander is multithreaded (I would guess pathfinding in
its own thread, sound too, and maybe the graphic engine), but last time
I checked (a while now), Spring RTS still wasn't.

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