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Jonathan M Davis jmdavisProg at
Fri Dec 2 17:14:59 PST 2011

On Saturday, December 03, 2011 01:27:23 Andrej Mitrovic wrote:
> On 12/3/11, Adam Wilson <flyboynw at> wrote:
> > Already started to; i've been laying down the skeleton and learning D at
> > the same time. I like the language. But I think I'll leave language
> > design to those who understand it best and stick to what I know. I
> > suspect that this is going to be a "me, myself, and I" project for some
> > time. I'm ok with that. :-)
> Yea, I had something in the works as well (and then a million other
> side-projects beside that, just like every D programmer out there..).
> The most difficult part to implement for me was the layouts. Actually
> I only got that half-way done. But having a backbuffer system,
> dirty-region blits, alpha blending, mouse tracking (e.g. select and
> move widget), signals/slots, those things were done in a matter of
> weeks (mostly because there's already usable code out there, e.g. a
> newer std.signals, the new CairoD bindings for drawing, win32
> bindings, etc) . It's just a fun project I like to play with once in a
> while. But now that wxD is on github I'm going to use that for some of
> my projects. It's all too easy getting worked up with an "engine"
> instead of the actual "game", if you know what I mean ;).

If you have a considerably better proposal for std.signals or know of one and 
are willing to champion in it, then you should try and get into it Phobos as a 
replacement. If the current std.signals is good enough that that's unnecessary 
of course, but if there's a proposal that's considerably better, then we 
should at least look at it.

- Jonathan M Davis

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