The current status of D?

Peter PPPE at
Sat Dec 3 23:29:57 PST 2011

Buk wrote:
> Simple question, though not necessarily a simple answer:
> Is D ready for prime time?
> Sub-questions:
> 1. How stable is the language specification?
> 2. How stable is the language implementation?
> 3. How stable are the standard library specifications?
> 4. How stable are the standard library implantations?
> The last time I looked was just after the D1/D2 split, and much of
> the design was being revamped and the rate of changes and
> deprecations was (IMO) too high to consider its use for complex,
> multi-developer projects.
> Looking around the docs here, I see that some of the libraries are
> due for deprecation early next year. Barring surprises, are they
> likely to be the last major changes?
> Thanks for your time, buk.

Don't feed the troll. 

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