If I had my way

Somedude lovelydear at mailmetrash.com
Sun Dec 11 03:11:09 PST 2011

Le 10/12/2011 21:40, Jonathan M Davis a écrit :
> On Saturday, December 10, 2011 13:23:02 Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:
>> I think we have a great release in the making: 64-bit code generation on
>> OSX, improved floating point arithmetic, and a bunch of bugfixes.
>> Yet, if I had my way, I'd stop the release until every single complaint
>> of Mehrdad's recent rampage has been looked at and addressed. Sure, we
>> can label Mehrdad as a whiny baby, but I suspect his experience is
>> representative for the out-of-the-box experience of many others: they
>> see D's cool features, they download the compiler to try it out on their
>> own terms, and as soon as they deviate from what is tried and works, or
>> they combine features in an unusual yet meaningful manner, it all comes
>> unglued.
>> It's about time to make a statement of reconnecting with our community,
>> and in particular to the whiny babies out there. Sure, the kind of stuff
>> we have in this beta is useful. Floating point arithmetic benchmarks
>> have long hurt us, and 64-bit generation on OSX is a gating issue. But
>> simple, long-standing issues that make babies whine are very important,
>> too, and require our immediate attention.
>> I vote for making a strong point of fixing these out-of-the-box
>> experience issues raised before we move forward with this release.
> I confess that I don't see the point in delaying the current release for this. 
> It's nearly ready. It seems to me that it doesn't cost us anything to just get 
> it out the door and move on. _Then_ we focus on these issues - and possibly 
> release 2.058 sooner than we might otherwise.
> Personally, it doesn't really affect me much either way, since I always use the 
> latest from github, but I don't quite understand what delaying a release 
> that's about to go out the door will buy us. Focusing on const-related bugs 
> would buy us a _lot_. The situation _has_ been improving (e.g. inout actually 
> started working with the last release), but there's no question that issues 
> with const still remain.
> - Jonathan M Davis

I can understand Andrei's point. He knows the community is the most
important asset of the D project, and we've witnessed what kind of
damage a honest but disappointed user can do to it with the Scala
project or the MongoDB project. It's about keeping an open ear to what
the user has to say.

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