d future or plans for d3

Somedude lovelydear at mailmetrash.com
Sun Dec 18 03:45:48 PST 2011

Le 18/12/2011 12:13, Ruslan Mullakhmetov a écrit :
>  I do not want to make a flame over D vs C++11.
> ...
>  Once again, i'm not trying to make a holywar. I'm D lover myself. But a
> lot of people do not consider this benefits of D enough to shift to it
> as for my opinion and experience.

These people will not change their mind whatever you throw at them. For
them, it's a matter of religion, not a matter of comparison. We
shouldn't bother pleasing such or such group of people.

BTW, your comparison with Erlang misses one crucial point: performance.
A part for some very specific applications for which it is designed,
Erlang's general performance is simply not comparable to that of D. A
lot of D's complex set of features is geared towards increasing runtime
performance. Erlang just doesn't compare.

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