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dsimcha dsimcha at
Sun Dec 18 07:30:41 PST 2011

On 12/18/2011 2:14 AM, Russel Winder wrote:
> Python is also used in industry and commerce, so it is not just a
> teaching language.  Almost all post-production software uses C++ and
> Python.  Most HPC is now Fortran, C++ and Python.
> This latter would be a great area for D to try and break into, but sadly
> I don't hink it would now be possible.

Please elaborate.  I think D for HPC is a terrific idea.  It's the only 
language I know of with all of the following four attributes:

1.  Allows you to program straight down to the bare metal with zero or 
close to zero overhead, like C and C++.

2.  Interfaces with C and Fortran legacy code with minimal or no overhead.

3.  Has modern convenience/productivity features like GC, a real module 
system and structural typing via templates.

4.  Has support for parallelism in the standard library.  (I'm aware of 
OpenMP, but in my admittedly biased opinion std.parallelism is orders of 
magnitude more flexible and easier to use.)

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