Broken build

Steve Teale steve.teale at
Mon Dec 19 08:17:09 PST 2011

I have a makefile (Linux) that used to work OK.

DC = dmd
DFLAGS = -gc -I/usr/include/d -I/usr/local/include/d
LFLAGS = -L-L/usr/lib -L-I/usr/local/lib -L-lphobos2 -L-lgtkd -L-ldl -L-
lrt -L-lusps4cb


OBJFILES := $(patsubst %.d,%.o,$(wildcard *.d))

all: compo

compo: $(OBJFILES)
	$(DC) -ofcompo $(OBJFILES) $(LFLAGS)

%.o: %.d
	$(COMPILE) $<

	rm *.o
	rm compo

Same for a CodeBlocks build. As far as I know all that I have done is to 
upgrade from 2.055 to 2.056. I tried to fix a simple bug, and everything 
compiles OK.

But now I get a slew of link errors typified by:

undefined reference to

Does this ring a bell with anyone please.


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