A nice way to step into 2012

Jacob Carlborg doob at me.com
Wed Dec 28 09:05:30 PST 2011

On 2011-12-28 16:14, Peter Alexander wrote:
> On 28/12/11 2:57 PM, Andrej Mitrovic wrote:
>> But I bet one day Walter& Co. will have another phone conversation
>> and then magically we'll have named arguments the next day, without
>> asking the community about how it feels about the inclusion (e.g. just
>> like D1 deprecation, this lambda syntax, and other behind-the-scenes
>> decisions between Walter and Andrei). All it will take is probably an
>> angry Redditor or maybe some coworker at Facebook that asked for the
>> feature.
>> I'm just against decisions made between the two heads of state that
>> happen over night. I'd like a little more transparency from our "D
>> government", if you know what I mean. ;-)
> The lambda syntax was discussed at length with the community a while ago.

... and it was basically decided that it should be added to the language.

/Jacob Carlborg

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