druntime !!!!

Robert Clipsham robert at octarineparrot.com
Sat Jan 22 16:32:47 PST 2011

On 22/01/11 23:58, bioinfornatics wrote:
> They are something wrong with druntime management!!!
> Why druntime do not support gdc or ldc2?
> Its is very crap thing i hope druntime will add soon gdc support. We can send ldc and gdc patch.
> Thanks for all
> best regards

I've been talking to you on IRC about this, but I'll reiterate it here 
for everyone elses benefit. Having support for each compiler in druntime 
is a bad idea. This is what druntime did initially when it was forked 
from tango. The trouble was that as the compiler got updated, the 
runtime needed to be updated too, and the compiler and runtime became 
out of sync very easily, and getting everything up to date again was a pain.

The solution to this is to have each compiler maintain its own druntime 
compiler-specifics, and have the non-compiler-specific code in a main 
druntime repository - this way all that is needed is to copy/paste the 
compiler specific code into druntime. This works, as when the compiler 
is updated, so is the compiler-specific portion of druntime and nothing 
gets out of sync.

Of course, a lot of druntime isn't compiler specific, for these parts 
patches should probably be applied. I'm not entirely sure where gdc and 
ldc are with respect to this kind of patch, I know they both have 
complete druntime implementations, but I'm sure if this kind of patch 
was made (preferably in smaller, individual patches for each feature/bug 
etc) it would be applied.

Of course, this is just the situation as I see it, and from memory, the 
druntime folk will probably chime in and give the full story.


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