Jens Mueller jens.k.mueller at
Wed Nov 2 10:56:00 PDT 2011

Steve Teale wrote:
> On Wed, 02 Nov 2011 17:17:07 +0100, Jens Mueller wrote:
> > should set it to 10 MiB;
> > I'm unsure about the socket option level. There is also
> > SocketOptionLevel.IP.
> > 
> Yes Jens, that's what I thought, and that approach does indeed change the 
> buffer size, but not by anything close to what you ask for. I've tried 
> both SOCKET and IP.

I'm looking into std.socket.setOption at the moment.
There is

(&value)[0 .. 1]

where value is an int32_t.
Then setsockopt is called using this void[] array. I wonder what this
code (&value)[0 .. 1] does and I don't how the argument to setsockopt
needs to be (need to consult the manual). Maybe it's an endianess issue.
In sum, besides the above code setOption is a direct wrapper around


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