BitBucket Offers Git Support

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> On Wed, 02 Nov 2011 11:07:54 +0100, Denis Shelomovskij <
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> Two regular arguments against git.
> - The Tcl/Tk based Git Gui and gitk look awful.
>  Yes the do but are highly efficient on a day-to-day basis.
>  I'm running a FreeBSD system and I can not find any simple
>  (non-KDE) but complete Hg tool.
>  Complete here means committing and inspecting the tree.
>  On windows you have TortoiseHg which already is too fancy.\

 It's a pity you specify non-kde. However so far I have found git-cola my
favourite git front end and KDevelops built in git support is starting to
get good. Git Cola I think is Qt but with no KDE dependencies.

We are about to trial git-cola and git on our windows workstations for our
artists (they are currently using subversion and tortoise-svn - but have a
lot of slowdowns due to our artists committing assets but forgetting to
commit other assets that those assets refer to).
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