Native D MySQL Driver

Steve Teale steve.teale at
Thu Nov 10 09:54:48 PST 2011

I have pushed a first cut of the native MySQL driver to

The documentation can be seen at

I'm now investigating ODBC. That should be a fairly quick exercise, since 
I have already done ODBCD once, and I'm just doing a sketch at this 
point. I expect my conclusion to be that an almost identical interface is 
feasible. The licensing situation for ODBC on Linux appears to be OK. I 
can't speak for Windows - any thoughts? My primary target for an ODBC 
implementation is MS SQL Server. That could be done using the TDS 
protocol, but since FreeTDS have already been there and is LGPL, and we 
only need to link, I don't really want to go there.

I can see from Piotr's work on PostgreSGL that an almost identical 
interface is possible for that too. The license there looks friendly too, 
but again comments please. SQLite is a bit different by its nature, but I 
think that it can closely fit the pattern too - no license problems there 
I think.

I will write up a description of the interface I'm talking about in the 
next few days. This is what I see as the mid level interface, a set of 
modules - etc.mysql, etc.odbc, etc.postgres, etc.sqlite ...

It needs to be discussed and at some point agreed so that the current 
'team' can work toward it for the various databases.

We've recently seen an example of an SQLite interface that demonstrated a 
higher level style where some of the burden of getting SQL right was 
dealt with by the API. I detected some interest in it. Any further 
opinions on that? The water gets quite deep quite quickly if you go in 
that direction though, and think about how more complex SQL commands 
might be represented, the diversity of SQL dialects, and so on. Somewhere 
out there I can see etc.postgres.traits and such.

Sorry if this is rather long.


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