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Kagamin spam at here.lot
Wed Nov 16 11:16:44 PST 2011

Adam Ruppe Wrote:

> Kagamin Wrote:
> > well, most people here seem to use nntp clients, so their requests (like threaded view) can be safely ignored :) they have it in their clients.
> Indeed. Hell, I probably won't use it very often, since I have
> my precious mutt mail client!
> But, regardless, I wrote that already and just need to tweak
> it now, so not a big hassle.

Well, lol, if you need a joblist, this is my view:

1. corrupted messages
2. non-working links
3. sync with nntp server
4. order threads by last post time (like forums) (done?)
// here we will have reading
5. (didn't test posting yet, goes here)
6. paging
7. accounts and server-side cookies

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