moving wxd to github

dolive dolive89 at
Tue Nov 22 12:56:05 PST 2011

Anders F Björklund Wrote:

> On 2011-11-10 18.27, Andrej Mitrovic wrote:
> > Btw, it would be great if you could move the repo to Github when you
> > have the free time to do it. The samples need a few updates to work
> > with D2, and I'd like to make a pull for that. I don't really know my
> > way around sforge. :)
> Missed a button, it's now at
> in addition to the usual
> --anders

please let wxd can be able to  compile at the latest dmd2 for windows, but currently only compiled on dmd1.064 for windows . please !

thank you very much !!!

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