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> Generally, they suck. They just don't get what a threaded view is.
> Newsreaders solved this problem decades ago. A thread is not a topic.
> It's a view showing who replied to which message. Click to expand at
> each branching point, click to contract, click to see a particular
> message. At each point, you can see which messages you've read, and
> which you haven't.
> I've never, ever seen forum software that can do that. If there is
> one, point me to an example.
> Every newsreader does this.


> Again, the forum software writers just don't get it. It has to be per
> message. Why? So in a larger thread, you can instantly see what is
> read and what isn't. This is NOT equivalent to a chronological sort.
> I do not read threads linearly.


> Sorry, but that's not it. I want to see if someone replied to a
> *particular* message.


> I've used many forum softwares. They all just DON'T GET IT.


Hey, that's +4 :-)


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