Next in the Review Queue?

Jonathan M Davis jmdavisProg at
Thu Oct 6 19:17:21 PDT 2011

On Sunday, October 02, 2011 23:27:35 Jonathan M Davis wrote:
> The review for the region allocator has completed, so we need to choos
> something else to review now. I believe that the current items in the review
> queue which are ready for review are
> - std.log
> - a CSV parsing module by Jesse Phillips
> - std.benchmark
> - GSoC changes to std.regex
> There are a couple of other items which are in a "pre-review" state (e.g.
> orange) as well as a few others that are supposed to be close to being ready
> for review (e.g. changes to std.variant), but I'm not aware of anything
> else which is actually ready for review at the moment. So, if I missed
> something, please bring it up.
> The item which has been in the queue the longest is std.log, but given that
> std.benchmark could affect further reviews, we may want to review that
> first. The GSoC changes to to std.regex are also probably of fairly high
> priority.
> Any thoughts on which item should be reviewed first?

Jose hasn't responded at all, so std.log obviously isn't an option at this 
point, even though it's been in the queue the longest. So, should we move on 
with the review of either the CSV parser or the GSoC changes to std.regex, or 
should we wait until Andrei is ready with std.benchmark next week?

- Jonathan M Davis

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