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Fri Oct 7 04:30:32 PDT 2011

On Fri, 07 Oct 2011 07:40:01 +0100, Jacob Carlborg <doob at> wrote:

> On 2011-10-06 21:44, Jesse Phillips wrote:
>> Regan Heath Wrote:
>>> That's just it however, I am not generous enough with my time to be of  
>>> use
>>> to you/D/phobos.  I spend my free time doing other things, and not  
>>> working
>>> on the code I have which could be of use.  I suspect there are quite a
>>> number of people out there who are just like me.  People who have some
>>> code which may be of use, in varying degrees of completeness from just  
>>> an
>>> idea to a pretty much complete re-usable library which just needs the
>>> final touches etc.
>> The problem is as you say, there are many out there like you. Even if  
>> some people take the rule of getting these polished, they couldn't keep  
>> up. Finding these people his hard.
> Even if we just get one contribution to Phobos through this method it  
> would be better than nothing.

Exactly.  The people taking ideas from the pool don't have to keep up,  
they just need to be someone with the time/inclination to "complete"  
something/anything worthy of inclusion into phobos.  All the pool does is  
give them a leg-up or provide the technical know-how/guts they might be  
missing.  It would be something like dsource, but for code ranging from  
snippets to complete packages, and would have to be well organised, or at  
least searchable and rely on contributors including as much info about  
thier snippets etc as they can.  But, that's a nice small investment for  
someone, especially if we make it easy to contribute the code, agree to a  
license and add info about it which is then searchable.  I realise setting  
something like this up is no small amount of work, and that I'm in no  
position to do it, but it seems on the face of it to be a good idea.

The pool would serve double duty, as it would supply code  
examples/snippets to people learning D also, or anyone looking for  
examples of how to do .. well, anything that gets contributed.  Each of us  
probably has a collection of D code on our own HDDs somewhere which does  
interesting and useful things, but no-one else can see it, search it, or  
learn from it.  I'm simply suggesting we put it somewhere to share.  At  
it's most basic it could just be a wiki page, which we let google index  
for us.

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