Next in the Review Queue?

Dmitry Olshansky dmitry.olsh at
Fri Oct 7 05:39:23 PDT 2011

On 07.10.2011 7:49, Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:
> On 10/6/11 9:17 PM, Jonathan M Davis wrote:
>> On Sunday, October 02, 2011 23:27:35 Jonathan M Davis wrote:
>>> The review for the region allocator has completed, so we need to choos
>>> something else to review now. I believe that the current items in the
>>> review
>>> queue which are ready for review are
>>> - std.log
>>> - a CSV parsing module by Jesse Phillips
>>> - std.benchmark
>>> - GSoC changes to std.regex
>>> There are a couple of other items which are in a "pre-review" state
>>> (e.g.
>>> orange) as well as a few others that are supposed to be close to
>>> being ready
>>> for review (e.g. changes to std.variant), but I'm not aware of anything
>>> else which is actually ready for review at the moment. So, if I missed
>>> something, please bring it up.
>>> The item which has been in the queue the longest is std.log, but
>>> given that
>>> std.benchmark could affect further reviews, we may want to review that
>>> first. The GSoC changes to to std.regex are also probably of fairly high
>>> priority.
>>> Any thoughts on which item should be reviewed first?
>> Jose hasn't responded at all, so std.log obviously isn't an option at
>> this
>> point, even though it's been in the queue the longest. So, should we
>> move on
>> with the review of either the CSV parser or the GSoC changes to
>> std.regex, or
>> should we wait until Andrei is ready with std.benchmark next week?
>> - Jonathan M Davis
> I suggest we go ahead with std.regex. Dmitry?

Well, if Jesse won't mind.
I'll wrap the thing up in my phobos fork in a couple of moments.
Anyone going for review manager?

Dmitry Olshansky

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