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Sat Oct 8 17:12:14 PDT 2011

The database API I wrote ages ago is built on ODBC and you're welcome to a copy if it would help. At the time (admittedly 15 years ago) the docs for ODBC were incomplete and wrong in places, so a reference can be handy. 

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On Oct 8, 2011, at 9:49 AM, Steve Teale <steve.teale at britseyeview.com> wrote:

> Andrei,
> I had a go at odbcd at about the time I first started on mysqld. I must dig it out and
> get it up to the same state so that I understand ODBC again
> But basically from what you're saying, all we need is the ODBC header files
> translated into D. There appear to be driver managers and plenty of ODBC drivers
> for Linux.
> But that does not get us to where I was thinking of. ODBC is not much easier to
> use than the native C apis for the databases. I had thought that ODBC was just one
> of the C database apis that we would have to cover.
> Steve

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