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Sat Oct 29 20:48:28 PDT 2011

"Daniel Gibson" <metalcaedes at> wrote in message 
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> Am 28.10.2011 08:49, schrieb Chante:
>> I still don't know why anyone bothers doing this. I have no worries 
>> about
>> that kind of thing (well, not very much and certainly "orders of
>> magnitude" less relatively). I worry about releasing novel software 
>> with
>> the obvious innovations unprotected. Released unprotected, effectively
>> puts me out of business the moment Billion Dollar Bitch Software 
>> catches
>> the drift and sucks up the market. Stops my innovation in its tracks.
>> What other than patent can help with this?
> A patent won't help you, Billion Dollar Bitch Software has tons of 
> patents and you'll certainly violate some of them.
> (And if not they'll claim you do and sue you until you're bankrupt)

What's that supposed to mean? That I should feel threatened? That I am 
afraid? I never worked for them. I don't have access to their "patents". 
Did you mean, but "oh, they were first-to-file"? If I was a warrior, 
which I am not, I might take that kind of thing as a warring behavior. 
Since I am not a warrior though, maybe it could be comprehended as an 
oppressive behavior. (I shouldn't have used the word "bitch", because 
"ain't no bitch, ever started a war"). (Not that I'd ever work for one 

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