Dlang.org needs a "Getting Started" page

deadalnix deadalnix at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 09:08:59 PST 2012

Le 31/01/2012 20:01, Mattbeui a écrit :
> On Tuesday, 31 January 2012 at 05:31:47 UTC, Xinok wrote:
>> Just a thought, but I think the official website really needs a
>> Getting Started page for newcomers. This page should make it as
>> effortless as possible by providing all the information and resources
>> needed for one to dive right into D. Not everything needs to be
>> covered by this page, but it should provide links as necessary.
>> Just to list some things that should be covered on this page (you can
>> list more):
>> - Explanation of D 1.x, D 2.x, Phobos, and Tango.
>> - Explanation and links to different compilers (DMD, GDC, etc)
>> - Downloads
>> - List of IDEs / Editors that support D
>> - Tutorial: Writing and compiling a program in D
>> - Books / Websites / Resources for learning D
>> - Libraries for D (e.g. dsource.org)
>> - Forums / Newsgroups / Newsgroup clients + instructions for configuring
>> Most importantly, maintain this page! Never let it get out of date!
> That would be a dream, really!
> In fact, you can find some information about this topics on the website
> in some places, but the main question is why not group them all in one
> place for the beginners.
> I felt and still feel a bit lost with D. So, I enter everyday on this NG
> to understand things a bit. But I think the things should be more friendly.

Definitively. I think the first step should be to get rid of deprected 
stuffs (maybe reenable them with compiler switch).

The second thing is to make the toolchain more reliable.

The problem with this tutorial, in the current state of things, is that 
it would have to introduce deprecated stuffs, or that the newcomer can 
encounter compiler/phobos bugs even when using valid things. Think of 
toString on a const object, this a legitimate thing to do and avery 
newcomer will try it as soon as they know about const or about object 
(depending on which one is presented first).

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