[xmlp] the recent garbage collector performance improvements

Richard Webb webby at beardmouse.org.uk
Wed Feb 1 14:53:14 PST 2012

On 01/02/2012 20:02, Jesse Phillips wrote:
> Interesting, I've been using XmlVisitor on two 30meg and one 10meg, load
> time for all files being 30secs, this is actually an improvement from an
> older version of xmlp which took 60secs. Not sure if DocumentBuilder
> would be much different.

For reference, the file i was testing with has ~50000 root nodes, each 
of which has several children.
The number of nodes seems to have a much larger effect on the speed that 
the amount of data.

I tried it with an old version of KXML and that seems somewhat faster, 
although the latest version doesn't seem to build with 2.058 and it's a 
more basic library.

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