Deprecated language features

Daniel Murphy yebblies at
Thu Feb 2 07:46:31 PST 2012

There are a bunch of features that are planned for removal, and some that 
are already deprecated, but no clear timeline for removal.  I'd like to make 
a comprehensive list, pick suitable durations, then I'll make a wiki page 
for this.

What I've got so far is...

Planned for deprecation:
- float.min
- complex and imaginary types
- NCEG operators
- array.sort and array.reverse
- delete?

- Using length inside index expressions
- typedef
- variable shadowing
- invariant as an alias for immutable
- derefencing arrays with *
- delete aa[key] (same as aa.remove(key))
- .offset
- escape string literals
- 'l' suffix for integer literals
- octal literals
- 'I' suffix for imaginary literals
- html source files
- Type.typeinfo syntax
- base class protection
- c-style function and array pointers
- if (v; e) syntax
- volatile statements
- non-final switch statements without defaults
- hiding base class functions (was previously only a run-time check)

Any I've missed?  I'm thinking features should stay deprecated for around a 
year before being removed. 

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