Deprecated language features

Daniel Murphy yebblies at
Thu Feb 2 09:02:03 PST 2012

"Iain Buclaw" <ibuclaw at> wrote in message 
news:mailman.248.1328200426.25230.digitalmars-d at
> Some of these have been deprecated for at least a few...

Yeah, I'll have a dig through the history/changelog and see if I can find 

> I think should organise them in order of priority and attach an agreed
> release version against them for the time they will be completely
> removed.

Releases tend to be 2 months apart, but are sometimes much closer (emergency 
regression fix, etc)  I think a date is more appropriate and more likely to 
be honoured.

> - The -v1 compiler switch (which I think only enables the use of === 
> operator)

This is an error already, it does nothing.

> - invariant as an alias for immutable

I don't think all the deprecation errors for this have been around that 

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